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Residential Christmas Lighting Albany GA

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In the haste of the Holidays, rarely do we stop and think about the little things that make US happy; as we are too busy trying to bring joy to others. However, we spend countless hours trying to beautify our homes for the season and never quite get the “look” we were attempting. This year, we are here to help! Serving Albany and Lee County, our all-inclusive service will not only gives your home the “look” you’ve long-desired, but will do so without you having to lift a finger! No more wrestling with tangled cords and replacing old lights. Let Custom Christmas Roof Lighting make your Christmas lighting a whole lot easier and brighter this year!

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Our Entire Process Explained In 5 Steps

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

For the first step to making your home a marvel for the Holidays, all we will need is your address, email address (or phone number if you prefer text), and any additional details you would like to provide to assist us in getting you a complete quote/estimate for Christmas lights. After receiving your request, our staff will quickly provide (via email/text) you with an estimate for your requested scope of work. After confirmation of estimate acceptance, we will provide you with a sample (mock-up) of your home’s proposed design.

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2. We Provide All Lights & Supplies

Yes….you read correct…..we provide EVERYTHING! After you choose the design you wish to have and make your required deposit, our technicians will add you to our official schedule for installation. After that…..your job is done! On installation day, we will provide all the necessary lights, connections, extensions, timers, etc., to get the job done right! Our team uses nothing to be the highest-quality, commercial/professional-grade materials and will meticulously custom-fit each and every light to your home perfectly.

3. Safe & Professional Installation

Having undergone extensive training and preparation, our technicians are professionally trained to safely install your design in the safest, most efficient manner possible. As in our company’s mission objective, safety is paramount, and our technicians will ensure that your Christmas Light installation is completed with a keen eye on themselves and your beautiful home. Our ultimate goal is to make your home an elegant showpiece for the Holidays and to leave it as beautiful as we found it.

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4. Free Maintenance Calls If Needed

On the final walk-through with our clients, we ensure every light is operating at its optimal capacity. However, if during the season you notice a bulb is out, no worries…just give us a call, and we’ll come out to make any necessary repairs FREE of charge. It is our supreme mission to make your home shine perfectly throughout the Christmas season!

5. Safely Remove & Store Everything

If the first four points are not enough, this one really seals the deal! That’s right, in January, we will return to your home and safely remove all installed lighting and equipment…no need for you to pull out the tubs/containers and brave the cold. After removal, we store the design in our climate-controlled warehouse for next year’s installation, where you can choose to add additional lighting or make color changes to the design. Having your home look amazing during the Holidays has never been easier!

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Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Residential Christmas Lighting Albany GA

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How Custom Christmas Roof Lighting Compares To Other Christmas Lighting Companies

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We Provide The Highest Quality Residential Christmas Lighting
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Frequently Asked Residential Christmas Lighting Questions

The most requested/desired decoration we offer is our commercial-grade Christmas Roof lighting that neatly outlines rooflines, gutter lines, and ridgelines on roofs. Additionally, for a lion-share of our homes, we provide stake/ground lighting, which accents/highlights walkways, driveways, and other front-of-home borders. Next, we offer a variety of wreaths (mainly large wreaths) to highlight certain aspects of homes and complement our roofline installations perfectly. Lastly, we provide small tree and bush lighting services. As with all our offerings, clients can pick any color combination/option of their liking.

As we all know, every home is creatively unique, and each customer has their own preference of design and budget, but our prices start at $499 and increase contingent upon the amount of lighting required to satisfy our client’s desires. As previously posted, all quoted estimates for services include all lights, connections, extensions, installation, maintenance, removal, and off-season storage of the design.

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Depending on the accessibility of the outdoor power source (i.e. where the initial plug/timer will be located), installation may be able to be completed without the client being home. However, it is our ultimate preference that clients are home during installation; so we can enjoy the beauty of their freshly decorated, magical home together and ensure that every light is meticulously in place and optimally operable.

Yes. However, during the Christmas/Holiday Season, our technicians are feverishly working around the clock to safely complete all bookings for the season. Thus, we advise clients to holistically consider the various options presented in their estimate; to guarantee any potential, late add-on is included in this year’s installation.

Unfortunately, we do not install Christmas lights provided by customers. As stated throughout our commentary, we only use professional-grade materials & equipment. By providing our own equipment, we can ensure that only the highest quality materials are used on our clients’ homes/businesses and that any/all operational concerns are mitigated. Lastly, as all lights are not created equal, we are better able to control pixel quality and ensure a consistent look on our clients’ properties.

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